September 4, 2022

9-4-22PM “A Godly Leader”

Passage: 1 Timothy 3:1-13
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The church is organized according to God's direction. And the leadership is head to God's standard. That is what the church is follow. Spiritual traits is what matters most.
I. A good work (vs.1)
II. A qualified pastor (vs.2-7)
A. Blameless (vs.2)
B. Qualified (vs.2-7)
1. "Husband of one wife" (vs.2)
2. "Vigilant and Sober" (vs.2)
3. "Good behavior" (vs.2)
4. "Hospitality" (vs.2)
5. "Teach" (vs.2)
6. Negatives (vs.3)
7. Family (vs.4-5)
8. Mature (vs.6)
9. Testimony (vs.7)
III. A qualified deacon (vs.8-13)