September 11, 2022

9-11-22PM “A Solid Rock”

Passage: 1 Timothy 3:14-16
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The Church stands on the solid rock of truth. And that truth is centered in the Person of Jesus Christ. So the churches one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord. Let's keep the truth central. Let's protect the truth. Let's be the pillar and ground of the tuth today.
I. The house of God (vs.14-15)
A. A burden (vs.14)
B. The church (vs.15)
1. "The house of God"
2. "The church of the living God"
II. The pillar and ground of the truth (vs.16)
A. The true foundation (vs.15)
B. A true Savior (vs.16)
1. God manifest in the flesh
2. Justified in the Spirit
3. Seen of angels
4. Preached unto the gentiles
5. Believed on in the world
6. Received up into glory