August 14, 2022

8-14-22AM “Be Strong in the Lord”

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Passage: Ezra 4:1-24
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Satan wants to hinder God's work in your life. Satan wants to keep you from serving the Lord. But God wants you to be strong in Him. God wants you to press on in the work for His glory. Be aware of Satan's attacks and be strong in the Lord.
I. The attack of compromise (vs.1-3)
A. The enemy (vs.1)
B. The deceit (vs.2)
C. The victory (vs.3)
II. The attack of difficulty (vs.4-5)
A. Trouble (vs.4)
B. Discouragement (vs.5)
III. The attack of slander (vs.6-24)
A. False accusations (vs.6-16)
B. An unjust decree (vs.17-22)
C. A hindered work (vs.23-24)