July 3, 2022

7-3-22AM “A More Excellent Name”

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Passage: Hebrews 1:1-14
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Jesus has a name that is above all names. He is high and lifted up in all His glory. And God wants us to see how high Jesus is. Exalt Jesus in your life. Crown Him King and Lord.
I. God's greatest Messenger (vs.1-4)
A. The prophets (vs.1)
B. The Son (vs.2-4)
1. The heir of all things (vs.2)
2. Creator of the world (vs.2)
3. The brightness of God (vs.3)
4. Upholds all things (vs.3)
5. Purged our sin (vs.3)
6. Given a name (vs.4)
II. The testimony of Scripture (vs.5-14)