July 17, 2022

7-17-22PM “Brought Back To Life”

Passage: Ezekiel 37:1-28
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God's work makes all the difference. And God's Spirit is how God works in our lives and in His church. Let's pray for the power of the Spirit to revive and to renew us. Let's ask God to breathe His life into His people, His church for His glory.
I. A valley of dry bones (vs.1-3)
A. A place of death (vs.1)
B. Very many dry bones (vs.2)
C. A good question and answer (vs.3)
II. The Word of the Lord (vs.4-6)
III. The power of God (sv.7-10)
A. The beginning of life (vs.7-8)
B. The giving of life (vs.9-10)
IV. The application of the vision (vs.11-14)
A. Israel is dead and dry (vs.11)
B. God's Word will take place (vs.12)
C. Israel will live again (vs.13-14)