June 26, 2022

6-26-22AM “How Great Thou Art!”

Passage: Job 37:21-42:6
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God is high and lifted up in majesty and glory. He is high above His creation. He is God alone. Job needed to know this. And we need to be reminded that God is a great God. Will you bow before the great God of heaven and submit to Him?
I. We can't figure God out (37:21-24)
II. We don't know what God knows (38:1-40:5)
A. God's perfect wisdom in creation (38:4-39:30)
B. God's challenge to Job (40:1-5)
III. We can't do what God does (40:6-42:6)
A. God's power and Job's weakness (40:9-41:34)
B. Job's final surrender (42:1-6)