April 10, 2022

4-10-22 “A Call to Repent”

Passage: Ezekiel 4:1-17:24
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God's glory is what makes the difference in the lives of God's people. And God will protect His glory. God will not allow us to profane His glory. God gives us His Word to show us the way to live. Let's listen and allow God's glory to be seen in our lives.
I. The proclamation of judgment (4:1-7:27)
A. A model (4:1-3)
B. Lying down (4:4-8)
C. Limited food (4:9-11, 16-17)
D. A hair cut (5:1-4)
II. The reason for judgment (8:1-17:24)
A. Abominations in Jerusalem (8:1-18)
B. God's glory departs (9:1-11:25)
C. A final warning (12:1-17:24)