March 12, 2023

3-12-23PM- “I Surrender All”

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Passage: Genesis 32:3-32
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Everything changed for Jacob when he let God have control of his life. Now God could do His work through Jacob. Now Jacob would have power with God. Jacob made a mess of his life when he was in control. But God would make Jacob's life a blessing when God had complete control. Have you surrendered your life to God?
I. A time of reckoning (vs.3-12)
A. Jacob's deception (vs.3-5)
B. Jacob's fear (vs.6-8)
C. Jacob's plea (vs.9-12)
II. Relying on self (vs.13-21)
III. Surrendering to God (vs.22-32)
A. Wrestling with God (vs.22-24)
B. Humbled by God (vs.25)
C. Surrendered to God (vs.26-28)
D. Worshiping God (vs.29-32)