February 6, 2022

2-6-22AM “Glorying in the Lord”

Passage: 1 Corinthians 1:18-31
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The only hope we have is in Jesus. We are nothing in ourselves. Our wisdom and strength fails us every time. We need Jesus. And Jesus gives us what we need. Are you standing on Jesus as the Solid Rock and the sure foundation?
I. The cross is the power and wisdom of God (vs.18-25)
A. The foolishness of man's wisdom (vs.18-21)
1. God destroys man's wisdom (vs.19)
2. God makes man's wisdom foolish (vs.20)
3. God's wisdom prevails in the cross (vs.21)
B. The wisdom and power of God (vs.22-25)
II. The cross changes our lives (vs.26-31)
A. The weak are made strong (vs.26-29)
B. The believer rejoices in Jesus (vs.30-31)