January 2, 2022

1-2-22AM “The Priority of Worship”

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Passage: 2 Chronicles 14:1-16:14
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God must be the center of our lives. Everything must rotate around Him. When we get away from God we find ourselves in trouble. Commit this year to keep God first, to keep worship central in your life.
I. Seeking the Lord (14:1-8)
A. Remove the obstacles (vs.2-5)
B. Recognize God's blessing (vs.6-8)
II. Trusting the Lord (14:9-15)
A. A strong enemy (vs.9-10)
B. A stronger God (vs.11)
C. A great victory (vs.12-15)
III. Keeping God first (15:1-19)
A. A challenge (vs.1-7)
B. A renewed heart (vs.8-19)
IV. Drifting from the Lord (16:1-14)
A. Another battle (vs.1-6)
B. Another warning (vs.7-9)
C. A sad ending (vs.10-14)